Frugal Halloween DIY: Primitive Wooden Boo Blocks

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Frugal Halloween DIY: Primitive Wooden Boo Blocks

Halloween BlocksWith the Halloween season fast approaching, I have already been thinking of fun, creative ways to  make my own Halloween decorations. I end up spending close to $50 each season because I love having fresh, new decorations each year. I get bored so quickly that I decided I am going to have to start making my own Halloween decorations to save some money.

rough wooden blocksWhen it comes to decorating, I love anything with country, distressed, and primitive. It is crazy just how much people dish out for items that are made to look old! I myself know I could easily replicate many of the very same items I was dishing out double digits for, so I put my mind to it, and started thinking…

I have always wanted to make my own wooden blocks; so I decided to go off of that idea. Raiding my husband’s work shop for scrap wood was probably the easiest part. I found a 2×4 board that he had in his scrap pile, and cut it into 3 different sized pieces. I wanted each to be a little smaller than the next.

orange halloween blocksHere are all the materials you will need to make primitive wooden boo blocks:

  • Scrap wood-You could use smaller, or larger pieces than I used BUT you need to ensure the bottoms are flush so they stand on their own.
  • Burnt Orange & Black Acryclic Paint. I paid $.69 each at Michael’s Arts & Crafts
  • 1 inch chip brush for application
  • Sandpaper for distressing your primitive wooden boo blocks
  • Wooden Letters -$2.19 at Michael’s BOO -Be sure to bring a friend and take advantage of their 40% off coupons.
  • Small wooden bat-also purchased at Michael’s for $.29
  • Wood Glue to glue BOO letters

black boo lettersDirections for making your primitive wooden boo blocks:

  • Cut your scrap wood into 3 different pieces. Be sure that each piece is a little smaller than the next
  • Sand your wooden blocks to ensure the bottoms are flush. They will not stand on their own if they are not even.
  • Paint your Halloween wooden blocks orange on all surfaces
  • Paint your BOO letters black on all surfaces
  • Paint your little bat black
  • Once your items are dry, lightly sand the edges to give it a distressed look
  • Paint little orange ovals on your BOO letters using the same paint from your wooden blocks.
  • Glue your Halloween BOO letters and Bat to the surface of your blocks. Make sure your weight them down with some heavy books-Let the dry at least 12 hours

black painted batVoila~ your Frugal Halloween DIY: Primitive Wooden Boo Blocks should be complete, and a totally awesome Halloween decorative item! These came out great, and look like something I would spend $20+ on at Home Goods!

wooden Halloween decoration

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  1. Great post!
    Those are super cute :0)

  2. How pretty and clever! I am also super excited about Halloween already, so thanks for this. It looks easy enough for me to manage.. not so crafty here.. haha! Thanks for a great idea!

  3. This is such a cute craft. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Very clever :)

  5. You are so crafty! thanks for sharing a great idea! Looks like really easy to make too.

  6. that’s so cool :D make me one!!

  7. That’s a totally reasonable budget, I think. You sure made some cute decorations too. I love these!

  8. This is cute. I don’t celebrate Halloween but I will definitely try this for a different setting.

  9. This is an excellent idea! I am going to give this a try this year, absolutely. Thank you!

  10. What a fabulous idea! I am absolutely going to give this a try this year. Thank you!

  11. This is a fabulous idea! I would love to give this a try this year. Thank you!

  12. We do not celebrate Halloween, but I would like to try these ideas for other craft projects.

  13. Those are adorable! I’d probably spend a lot of money buying something just like it at a craft fair…but now I can do it myself. Thanks!

  14. I will most definitely try this craft out as I am decorating for my son;’s class

  15. What a neat idea, those came out really nice!

  16. I love this idea its so cute and even though the finished project looks like it cost a lot of money.. from the items needed it is really rather inexpensive…

  17. What a smart DIY craft. I love it! Great choice on the coloring and the “O” being up right in one, upside down on the other – really adds to the effect.

  18. What a lovely DIY project. I could see doing this project for many holidays and just for random decor around the house. Love it!

  19. shut up! i saw these on pinterest and i pinned them — and now i found you! love it. i love simple projects like this. the kiddos can help paint, and that’s always a mess but they love to help so much!

  20. They look great! I especially love the bat. Well done you!!

  21. Love this craft… so simple, yet cute.. LOVE it… will make it with the kids in a few weeks for the porch… SOOO cute..thanks for sharing

  22. Those are super cute! I made something like this last year…put it together and it made “autumn”.

  23. These are Boo Cute! Seriously, my kids want to make all our decorations this year….yay says the craft challenged mom. But this, I can do :)

  24. Great tips, great idea! We have Michael’s here in our area… What I liked about your primitive wooden BOO is that, it can be reuse over and over!

  25. Oh I love that and it looks so easy too!

  26. lOVE IT!!! Pinning it now to make later :) Thanks!

  27. Wow, that looks so simple and adorable!

  28. Motherhood on the Rocks says:

    Those are super cute! I’m thinking about having a Halloween party and will definitely try this!


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