How to Make a Coffee Filter Halloween Wreath

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How to Make a Coffee Filter Halloween Wreath

Halloween-Coffee-Filter-WreathSince Halloween is right around the corner, I have been busy making inexpensive, frugal, Halloween decorations. I love to save money by making things myself so my latest project was a huge hit thanks to the folks at the very generous Rit Dye. They sent me their entire collection of liquid dye, and some of their must have product solutions.

For this project, I will hopefully teach you to make a coffee filter Halloween wreath using a Styrofoam wreath circle, hot glue, and coffee filters. I previously had dyed my coffee filters two different colors using Rit Liquid Dye. You can learn how to dye coffee filters using Rit Dye right on our site. While I did dye them orange, and pink; I only used the orange for this particular DIY.

Rit-Dyed-Coffee-FiltersI love the elegant look coffee filters can provide when crunched, folded, and fluffed just the right way. For the coffee filter Halloween Wreath, I used around 75 filters. I opted for a smaller circumference for my very first wreath because I didn’t want to spend too much on the supplies if it was going to turn out crappy. To my surprise after a few trial and error applications, the wreath turned out perfect, better than I ever expected.

Make-a-coffee-filter-wreathFor the Coffee Filter Halloween Wreath, you will need the following supplies:

  • 75 dyed coffee filters using Rit Sunshine Orange
  • 5 glue sticks
  • hot glue gun
  • Styrofoam wreath-I used an 8 inch
  • Flat Halloween Embellishment, or bow


Heat you hot glue gun up, and set up a clean working area.

Grab your coffee filter and scrunch it up so that the ruffles are facing up

Apply a small amount fo glue to the flattened base; stick it to your wreath.

Orange-Coffee-Filter-WreathRepeat your process until your entire front wreath surface is covered. I decided to just do the front of my wreath so that it would lay nice and flush against my wall. If you are hanging your’s in an area like a window, or glass door, you will want to complete the entire thing, and that would use 150 filters. I also suggest adding a ribbon for hanging purpose BEFORE you start applying your filters. I did not because my wreath hanger worked just fine.

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  1. Love this idea,wow

  2. that is awesome. you did an awesome job~ i kinda wanna try this now :P

  3. Wow, looks great. I would never think this was made from coffee filters

  4. Alicia Taylor says:

    Wow – this is so cute! My sister used coffee filters to make my wedding boquet – don’t laugh – people thought they were real roses. I shared this on Facebook and tagged her. She will get a kick out of it

  5. Love it! I really like that it’s Halloween-y without being over the top

  6. Coffee filters will never cease to amaze me! The wreath is adorable and looks like something you’d buy in a craft store – not made from the grocery isle. Love it

  7. That is absolutely gorgeous and what a cool idea!!!

  8. great idea, very nice!

  9. This is a really great wreath! I have been thinking about starting my Halloween decorations and now I am ready. I just love inexpensive and fun projects!

  10. I would never have guessed that these are dyed coffee filters.. I thought it was tissue paper.. This is so cool

  11. This is something I really could do and not screw up. Thanks!

  12. Super cute!!!

  13. Oh my goodness! This is absolutely adorable.. and unbelievably clever. You have done it again.. totally love it!

  14. Motherhood on the Rocks says:

    Very cute! Love it!

  15. I just finished my wreath and I am in love with it! Such an easy project. I can’t wait to see what else I can do with dyed coffee filters!


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