WolVol 7 inch Tablet Review – Android 4.2, 16GB HD, 1GB RAM, 2 Core processor

WolVol 7 inch Tablet Review – Android 4.2, 16GB HD, 1GB RAM, 2 Core processor

Wolvol-white-Tablet-and-caseEverybody can benefit from owning a tablet PC. They’re easy to carry around, quick to access, and simple to use. Plus, they work great at performing the simple tasks we normally need to boot up our PCs to perform – like browsing the web or checking email. If you’re looking for a quality tablet PC that offers you all the great features of a quality tablet, but without breaking the bank, I have something for you. Let me introduce you to the newest WolVol 7 inch Tablet PC.

wolvol-tabletThe WolVol 7 inch Tablet PC sports Android 4.2, which is the latest Android operating system at the time of this writing. Hard Drive (HD) space is an impressive 16GB, which is a common space offering by the leading tablet brands. 16GB is planty of space for the typical user. In fact, that’s what I have on my phone and other tablet, and I have no problems keeping within my space requirements. For memory (RAM), the WolVol 7 inch Tablet PC has 1GB. This spec, again, is right up to par with the leading tablet brands on the market.

The WolVol 7 inch Tablet PC also is equipped with a dual-core processor, so it’s competent to efficiently complete most of the tasks you would perform on a tablet PC.

thin-cheap-tabletThe WolVol 7 inch Tablet PC proves to be a great travel companion too. WolVol went ahead and pre-installed Netflix and Toon Goggles onto the tablet, so go and sign up for a Netflix account to begin streaming thousands of movies and TV shows. I tried out both of these apps on the WolVol 7 inch Tablet PC, and they both worked flawlessly.

As far as ports go, the WolVol 7 inch Tablet PC is loaded to the gills! Included is a mini USB port, HDMI port, regular USB 2.0 port, headphone jack, and TF Card Slot. This is an impressive offering for a tablet PC, so I have to give WolVol kudos for that!

wolvol-white-tabletAnother great feature that can be found on the WolVol 7 inch Tablet PC, are the dual cameras. Built into this tablet is a rear facing camera and a front facing camera. Either camera can be used for taking photos or creating HD videos, that you can later upload to your PC via the USB ports.

Overall, the WolVol 7 inch Tablet PC is a great buy. It’s list price is $149.94, but is currently on sale at amazon.com for well under $100. Sure, it’s not one of the most common Tablet brands on the market, but it holds it’s own. Just look at the specs. If you are interested in purchasing the WolVol 7 inch Tablet PC, you can be brought directly to its product page on Amazon by clicking the link below. In addition, be sure to check out www.wolvol.com for tons of other decent electronics at super affordable prices.

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