Live Healthier with Salba Chia Seeds & Chia Boost #Review

Live Healthier with Salba Chia Seeds & Chia Boost #Review

Salba-chia-seeds-in-bag Are you looking to help improve your diet, and eat healthier? Sometimes it can be a struggle to consistently eat the correct foods. Drinking enough water, and eating a low fat, high fiber diet has really helped my husband, and I to get on track. We have also been incorporating more colorful vegetables into our meals, and drinking warm lemon water with chia seeds first thing in the morning.

I have to admit, 6 months ago if you mentioned the word chia, I would have thought of the pottery that grows. Never, ever, in a million years would I even think to eat the seeds, nevermind drink them! After some personal research, my husband found that chia really are little miracle seeds. He wanted to incorporate them into our diets, so drinking them, and adding them to oatmeal, and smoothies was the first step step we took.

Since chia seeds are teeny, tiny, they are very easy to drink. They really do not have too much of a flavor, but they do remind me of a toasted sesame seed {even though they are raw). We were using generic chia seeds until we discovered the Salba Chia company. They are known for the best Chia available so I was excited to try their products out via a review.

Salba-Chia-Boost-boxesI received four items from Salba Chia:

  • Whole Seed Salba Chia Seeds
  • Salba Chia Boost {14 single serve packs}
  • Salba Chia Seeds Premium Ground
  • Salba Chia Boost Premium Ground {14 single serve packs}

Why Salba Chia?

Gosh, there is so much incredible health information, and benefits to consuming Salba Chia Seeds, Premium Ground, or Boost products. First of all, they taste great, and have a slightly toasted seed taste. Depending on the variety, they are super easy to add to pretty much every, and any food. The seeds are so tiny that they look like little specs-perfect to add to any picky eaters meal!

Salba Chia products are also gluten free, vegan, raw, and NON GMO project which is great. Most natural foods with the exception of wheat are gluten free, but this is just an added bonus for our family! They are high in Omega-3 (ALA), Fiber, and are a good source of calcium and minerals. When you consume Salba products in the early morning, there is hardly a need for a coffee! They give me and my husband so much energy, and truly do help to fill our nutritional gaps!

Check out how nutritional these little miracle seeds truly are:

Salba-Chia-BoostSalba Chia Gram for Gram provides . . .

  • 325% more fiber than oatmeal
  • 800% more Omega-3 (ALA) than salmon (EPA/DHA)
  • 30% more antioxidants than blueberries (based on ORAC values)
  • 1500% more magnesium than broccoli
  • 200% more potassium than bananas

I have to say, after going from a generic brand of chia to Salba, I am pretty sure I am a Salba convert! I love their products, and the fact that they have ground chia! It makes it so much easier putting it on yogurt, salads, in dough and more! I can even add it to each of my kids meals without a fight!

To learn more about Salba Chia, and see where you can find this product, please head over to their official site. You can also connect with them on Facebook & Twitter 

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