Easy No Bake Holiday Oreo Cookie Balls Recipe #oreocookieballs

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Easy No Bake Holiday Oreo Cookie Balls Recipe #oreocookieballs

Christmas Oreo Balls Easy No Bake Holiday Oreo Cookie Balls Recipe #oreocookieballs

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The holidays are all about traditions, and in our home, Oreo Cookie Balls are a fun, and easy way to celebrate the season. I think our family enjoys making Oreo Cookie Balls because they are quick, easy, and very inexpensive to make! Winter Oreos Easy No Bake Holiday Oreo Cookie Balls Recipe #oreocookieballsThey make some of the most delicious, no bake sweet treats ever! The best part is they are also great homemade gift ideas for teachers, bus drivers, and neighbors.

christmas oreos Easy No Bake Holiday Oreo Cookie Balls Recipe #oreocookieballsI LOVE using Double Stuff Oreos for my festive chocolate covered cookie balls because it just makes them that much yummier! Since it is the Christmas season, I was able to get some super cute, Double Stuff Winter Oreos with red cream. oreos in a blender Easy No Bake Holiday Oreo Cookie Balls Recipe #oreocookieballsI knew these would make my sweet little balls that much cuter! I also had plenty of holiday sprinkles, balls, and jimmies.

Oreo and cream cheese Easy No Bake Holiday Oreo Cookie Balls Recipe #oreocookieballsWhat I particularly love about Oreo Cookie Balls is that they are so versatile. Sometimes, I make them with white chocolate, sometimes with milk chocolate. Oreo Truffles Easy No Bake Holiday Oreo Cookie Balls Recipe #oreocookieballsThey can also be rolled in nuts, coconut, and more! The versatility just makes them so easy around this busy season!

dipping oreo balls Easy No Bake Holiday Oreo Cookie Balls Recipe #oreocookieballsHere are the basic you will need:

  • 1, 8 ounce package of cream cheese
  • 36 Oreo cookies-I used the Double Stuff Winter Oreos
  • 24 ounces of chocolate morsels for dipping
  • Festive holiday sprinkles, jimmies

christmas Oreo Cookie Balls Easy No Bake Holiday Oreo Cookie Balls Recipe #oreocookieballsDirections:

  • Mix the cream cheese, and cookie crumbs until blended. I used my blender, and it worked great!
  • Shape into approx. 48 (1-inch) balls. Freeze 10 min. Dip balls in melted chocolate; place in single layer on a shallow waxed paper-lined pan.
  • Oreo Cookie Balls Easy No Bake Holiday Oreo Cookie Balls Recipe #oreocookieballsCustomize it with your own ingredient additions or decorative skills.
  • Refrigerate for 1 hour or until firm.

christmas oreo cookie balls image Easy No Bake Holiday Oreo Cookie Balls Recipe #oreocookieballsI know once you see how fun and easy these no bake holiday Oreo Cookie Balls are, you will make them a holiday favorite in your home. ~Enjoy~

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  1. those look delicious, we make these too but we add cream cheese to it.

  2. Oh my gosh, these look so delicious! I host a Recipe Writers link up each month and this month is Thanksgiving. Would you please please link these up in next month’s Christmas themed link up that opens on the 1st? The public deserves to try these delicious little balls of joy! If you have any thanksgiving recipes I’d love to see you link that up, too. The more recipes to swap the merrier!

    Visiting from Northeast Bloggers Network!
    Amanda Rose

  3. These look really delicious. I love chocolate and peppermint.

  4. Ohmagoodness, those look delish! And so easy to make!

  5. I am so making these for Christmas! They look easy and yummy too!

  6. Those look so good. I love oreos anyway and these are like the icing on the cake.

  7. That looks delicious! I’m going to pin this. It would be great for our Christmas party!

  8. Yum yum yum! These look fun and festive, I totally need to try these! Loving the holiday Oreos!

  9. These are so good, my favorite holiday treat. I love the festive toppings you added.

  10. Oooh, we make these every year, yet we never thought about using the blender, we always put them in a bag and pounded them out. Love your idea more! HA

  11. OMGosh I LOVE this!! What a great idea!!

  12. I seriously love Oreo cookie balls! And these look so festive! So much fun, and so delicious too!

  13. Sandi Jones says:

    Looks very yummy! Can’t wait to try them. Looking forward to many more of your recipes. Thanks again!


  14. My daughter LOVES Oreos! I bet she would freak if we made these! Yum!

  15. I wonder how these would be if you added peanut butter? I just love Oreos.

  16. I love oreos, these sound amazing and they look so easy to make

  17. Yummy! We love oreo truffles so much here. Will definitely try them with the red oreos.

  18. Wow, these look absolutely delicious. I ko wmy kids would like making and eating them.

  19. They look absolutely beautiful and I know they taste delicious because I made some!

  20. Debi@TheSpringMount6Pack says:

    You just made my sweet tooth go nuts. I need to make these right away.

  21. mm these look fantastically yummy!

  22. These look so good! I’m gonna try these this year.

  23. Ok we are making these for Christmas Dinner.. they look so easy but also so good.. I can’t wait..


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