Magic Straws Chocolate Candy Cane Review #HolidayGiftGuide #GlutenFree

Magic Straws Chocolate Candy Cane Review #HolidayGiftGuide #GlutenFree

Magic-StrawsLately, getting my kids to drink all their milk has been such a hassle. At one point, I thought I needed to take up stock in owning a dairy cow because we would fly through milk. Then, one of life’s many stages starting to develop, and my girls were wasting their milk daily. I am not one to load my kids up on junk foods, juices, or syrups so I didn’t even think about putting chocolate, or strawberry into their milk; I wanted them to drink it plain!

Way back in August I was sent a product called Magic Straws. I kind of put them in my review bin, and let them hang out there until recently. As I was organizing my office today, I cam across this shipment, and wish I would have used them right from the start. Little did I know they would be the solution to my recent milk anxieties!

got-milk-magic-strawsSo what are Magic Straws you ask? Well, for one they are drinking straws that are shaped in a unique way, and filled with flavor beads. The ones we received are a holiday inspired flavor of Chocolate Candy Cane. To correctly use a Magic Straw you simply dip the straw in milk, and suck through it like any other straw. However, the beauty of Magic Straws is that the flavor beads *magically* turn ordinary milk into a delicious treat.

little-girl-drinking-from-a-magicBut, you thought I wasn’t a fan of flavored milk right? Well, this is still technically true, but Magic Straws are much more different than the competition. They only contain 17 calories each, and minimal sugar! They are a much more healthier option VS. syrups, and powders. Most importantly, the fact that they are gluten free really makes this the obvious choice for my kids.

Magic Straws are sold nation-wide, and can be found at stores like Target and Walmart. They are minimally priced, and are worth it because like magic, my kids are once again loving their milk! These would make excellent stocking stuffers for kids, and parents this holiday season.

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