accént® Moisturizing Lotion and Cleansing Wash *Gentle Skincare for Dry Skin! #Review

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accént® Moisturizing Lotion and Cleansing Wash *Gentle Skincare for Dry Skin! #Review

Accent-lotion-and-washDo you suffer from extremely dry skin, eczema, or maybe even psoriasis? I know my husband, and 4 year old have eczema that requires cautious care. They cannot use overly perfumey products or soaps, and creams that tend to irritate their skin. Sometimes, it can be very frustrating when I have to pay top dollar for special soaps, but when it breaks down to it, their health is a main priority.

Since our skin is our bodies largest organ, it is so important to take good care of it. Keeping your body well hydrated, out of the sun, and properly protected is a must. When people like my husband use irritating soaps, or lotions, their skin cracks and that leads to infections. Thankfully, there are products like accént® Moisturizing Lotion and Cleansing Wash  which help to hydrate and nourish dry, and flaky skin for everyday use, or in conjunction with an overall skincare treatment regimen.

 Of course anyone can use these product to help maintain great skincare, but they can be especially beneficial for those of you who take prescription medications for your skin. My husband has a topical cream for his hand eczema which is needed nightly. I gave him the accént® Moisturizing Lotion and Cleansing Wash with hopes that it would in fact help to maintain his skin’s natural protective functions.

For one week straight my husband used the accént® Cleansing Wash, and he loved it. It agreed with his skin, and just like goat’s milk based soaps, it left his skin moist, and healthy feeling. He also applied the accént® Moisturizing Lotion when his hands had no cracks on them, and it did not irritate them. It also did not heal anything, but it did help to prevent dry skin which leads to painful cracks that bleed.

Like most soaps, and lotions that are made for skin conditions, accént® Moisturizing Lotion and Cleansing Wash is a bit pricey. At about $14.99 per bottle some may think this is steep, but I assure you it is mild, and gentle enough that it works!

You can find these products at CVS pharmacy stores, and online at

These would make ideal stocking stuffers for loved ones this holiday season!

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  1. Yes I do suffer from dry skin. This looks like a great product to get. My skin does not like the winter weather.

  2. Heather M says:

    I may need to check this out. My son’s eczema is getting bad now that cold weather is hitting.

  3. Jenny @ MyLittleMe says:

    My husband’s skin is cracked and red, I’ll have to pick some of this up for him!

  4. I remember having to purchase lotion especially designed for eczema suffers. When one of my sons was a baby, his poor skin was so sensitive.

  5. Im always on the look out for fantastic face products and skin products, so I will absolutely give this a try. Thankyou!


  6. Jennifer B says:

    This looks like such a great product! We have such dry skin in the winter.

  7. Shannah @ Just Us Four says:

    Both my son and I have eczema so I will definitely be checking this out.

  8. Dawn Lopez says:

    This is the first time I’ve heard about this brand. I am always looking for new skin care, mine is very dry… especially in the winter months!

  9. Mary @ Capturing Magical Memories says:

    I am always on the look our for great moisterizers during the winter months. Thanks for the review.

  10. Helene Cohen Bludman says:

    I am just starting to see the dryness on my hands, so this would be a good time for me to check out this lotion.

  11. We are in the Canadian Rockies, and the winters here are SO incredibly dry! I need to use oil – twice a day – because lotion alone does not cut it. This lotion however, looks like it is worth a try. Thank you!

  12. This sounds like it’s worth a try! My kids all have their dad’s dry skin and as they get older it seems to get worse, especially in the dry winter months. Thanks for sharing accent!

  13. I get dry skin in the winter. I might have to pick some of this up and try it out.

  14. sounds like really nice products, I am not familiar with this brand. I would try the wash.

  15. you are speaking my skin language now, dry skin is my battle ALL winter!

  16. I like that it left the skin soft and moisturized. So often cleansers make my skin feel pulled and tight.

  17. I’ve actually never heard of this wash, I’ll have to keep my eyes open.

  18. I have some family members with extremely dry skin so I will have to look into these products.

  19. $14.99 is a little steep, I agree. But if it works well, I could probably be persuaded to pay that.

  20. I’m always on the look-out for products for extremely dry hands, especially with how often I wash them :) This is very helpful. Thanks!

  21. WOW thanks for sharing, I am always looking for new things for my dry and achy skin.

  22. I need these. My daughter has eczema so bad

  23. I would love to try this on my legs. they are so dry in the winter. I’ll have to look for it next time I’m in CVS!

  24. I need to try this!

  25. My hands get so dry! Especially in the winter!

  26. I have horribly dry skin. A CVS just opened near us, I’ll have to look for this!

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