Taking Time to Cherish the Special Holiday MOMents with Sprout

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 Taking Time to Cherish the Special Holiday MOMents with Sprout

Taking Time to Cherish the Special Holiday MOMents with Sprout

Sprout Holiday Moment Girls Taking Time to Cherish the Special Holiday MOMents with Sprout Now that the holiday season is in full swing, things are getting more and more chaotic here by the day. My stress level is through the roof because I feel like I have 101 things to do each day, and the kids are not helping . I have two whole Christmas gifts purchased, and only 50 more to get. My Christmas cards are non existent, and are somewhere on my list of to-dos. There really is just not enough time in the day to carry out all my “grand” holiday themed projects…

I know there are a lot of you fellow moms (or caretakers) out there that are probably in the same exact boat as me. There is just so much to do in these next few weeks! I “ain’t got time” for meltdowns, or tantrums either! I swear, working from home certainly is not a huge help either because this is my biggest time for projects, and due dates. I have to admit, I have been relying on the Sprout Channel a bit much lately. My kids love Sprout’s kid friendly shows like Caillou, The Chica Show, and Berenstain Bears. I think my 4 year old may have even watched EVERY Caillou episode on Demand in one single day because..yes, it was on of them days.

Last week, I was attempting to take photos that could be somewhat usable for holiday greeting cards. I knew I had zero time for in studio portraits so me and my big bright ideas tried to take them at home #bigmistake. Not one of my kids even somewhat cooperated.. I don’t even care at this point. I am totally using these meltdown pics so that years from now my kids can see how much fun they were…not!

Sprout Holiday Moment Taking Time to Cherish the Special Holiday MOMents with Sprout At the end of the day though, through all the holiday hustle, and bustle there are still those “Holiday MOMents” that take my breath away. The elfcapades, hand drawn Christmas cards, and the anticipation my kids have for Santa’s impending arrival really melt my heart. It is these magical holiday MOMents that make me truly appreciate that I do have three beautiful, happy, and healthy children.

So, do you have  special Holiday MOMents that you want to share? Head over to the Sprout to share your priceless “MOMents” because despite it all, you know these are the times to cherish, and look back on. You bet that colicky baby, or chocolate covered toddler sure is not funny now, but in a few years these will make the best memories!

Not familiar with Sprout online, or the channel? With shows like Angelina Ballerina, Caillou, and Chloe’s Closet, there are plenty of educational shows, activities, and games to keep your little ones busy during the holiday hustle and bustle. My kids LOVE the Sprout Network, and so do I–check it out!

So, the question today is, what are some special, funny, odd, or hysterical “Holiday MOMents” you have incurred lately. If you are a dad, aunt, uncle, or grandparent feel free to chime in too!

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  1. karen medlin says:

    Thank you for sharing, cute photos, I have quite a few photos of messy and meltdowns to share. I love Sprout, little guy needs to watch it in the evenings before bedtime.

  2. Love the pictures! Memories are awesome to treasure later!

  3. we have so many MOMents already. we have a family favorite easter photo!! i think that’s what we’ll laugh at the most later in lie

  4. They are adorable! I TOTALLY understand. My 4 year old broke her leg yesterday…and my son just came home with a tummy ache and fever. ALL around Christmas!

  5. I love all the graphics around the pictures!

  6. Such cute…and funny pics of the kids! I definitely need to gear up to focus on cherishing the moments this month. Such a challenge at times trying to do it all!

  7. That please don’t melt down cracked me up. I have had so many of those moments with my kids!

  8. Awe… poor thing… i am such a perfectionist and we went for our family photos and my girl came home from school the day before photos with a huge gash down her nose! I was horrified… Thankfully our photographer was able to make it ‘disapear’ ha…

  9. The holidays just breed stress and meltdowns. I’ve come to just expect them and hopefully we all get through alive! LOL

  10. Could those owl dresses BE any cuter? NO! I love them!

  11. I love these pictures but not so much when my kids meltdown LOL

  12. Angelina Ballerina is the only one I am familiar with thus far. That’s so cute!

  13. I am very aware of how precious my children are and how important it is to create good memories they can treasure both now and forever.

  14. What cute photos and wonderful way to capture the memories.

  15. Haha, love your shots! I’ve loosened up a bit in the last couple years and am letting those melt downs happen when I’m shooting pics for reviews and things.

  16. Some of my best photos are of my children’s tears or “not so perfect” pictures. I love them!

  17. Awwww, those pictures of the kiddies are really cute!

  18. Melanie of Que Means What says:

    Oh, for sure I don’t have time for meltdowns! I’ve learned to keep them fed (these boys are eating me out of this house!) and be sure to give them their one on one time. That helps. Doesn’t eliminate meltdowns but it helps. Cute photos!

  19. Your kids are completely adorable!

  20. Yesterday, My son and I saw four deer crossing my sisters residential street. They were down the block from us, and I couldn’t take a picture because I couldn’t get my phone out fast enough. My son exclaims “those are reindeer Mom, they are checking everything out for Santa. That was a great MOMent.

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