Find Out Why Jolie Ravioli is the #1 Selling Children’s Ravioli! #Review

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Find Out Why Jolie Ravioli is the #1 Selling Children’s Ravioli! #Review

Jolie-RavioliDo your kids love pasta as much as mine? I swear, all three of my kids could probably live off pasta in one way, shape, or form if I let them! They just adore fun shaped pasta, mac & cheese, and of course ravioli. You bet my 18 month old, and 6 year old were excited to try our latest review from Jolie Ravioli. I wish my 4 year old could have indulged in this totally delicious assortment of fun shaped raviolis, but they are currently not gluten free.

About the Company:

Jolie Ravioli is made by parent company New York Ravioli, and Pasta Company. Made from the very same top quality ingredients as you would come to expect from New York Ravioli, and Pasta Company;  Jolie Ravioli is delicious! Available in kid friendly shapes, and delicious flavors, your children are sure to love this easy to prepare, frozen pasta.

Jolie Ravioli Flavors: 

  • Mac & Cheezy
  • Pizza-roli’s
  • Cheese
  • Broccoli and White Cheddar Cheese

Product Highlights:

• No trans fats
• No preservatives
• No artificial colors
• No additives
• Excellent source of protein and calcium
• 100% natural!

Jolie-Ravioli-pastaOur Families’ thoughts: 

We were sent the entire assortment of Jolie Ravioli to test out. I immediately noticed that this ravioli was very generously sized, and came in cute packaging. My kids were having an easy dinner night so I prepped my four years old gluten free pasta, and made an entire bag of Jolie Ravioli in Pizza-roli’s flavor.

It is extremely easy to prepare this frozen ravioli. You basically need a small stock pot, and water. After about 15 minutes from start to finish you have a delicious meal that tastes great with, or without sauce!!  Actually, my children prefer Jolie Ravioli plan because the fillings are so fresh, and tasty on their own.


original Jolie Cheese Ravioli with oil and spices

Ok, so I had to see what makes this the #1 selling kids raviloi so I tried a teddy bear in the Pizza-roli flavor. Oh my goodness, this stuff is better than adult ravioli!!! I totally could eat Jolie Ravioli every day myself! The pizza filling tasted almost like my lasagna! Hints of cheese, and sweet tomato sauce made this a very addicting meal!

The other three flavors are just as delectable. Seriously, if this pasta was not in kid friendly shapes, it could genuinely pass for adult gourmet pasta. I have to say Jolie Ravioli is a food that is now making it’s way onto my monthly shopping list.

Our family gives Jolie Ravioli a perfect 5 stars! 

You can find New York Ravioli on social media site Twitter, and Jolie Ravioli on Facebook 

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