Gluten Free Cinnamon and Sugar Valentine’s Day Pie Crust Cookies

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Gluten Free Cinnamon and Sugar Valentine’s Day Pie Crust Cookies

Pillsbury-Gluten-Free-Dough Now that the holiday season has come and gone, I am already starting to create Valentine’s Day treats, and crafts. There is just something so uplifting about the pretty pink, reds, and purples that Valentines Day encompasses. I think I may love it so much because when I decorate my home, the colors bring my somewhat dark, and bland home a nice cheery look. I just love hearts, and pretty pops of brights colors!

heart-shaped-pie-cookiesI’m all about baking sweet treats for my children that correlate with seasonal themes that revolve around upcoming holidays. Valentine’s Day is no exception, and yes, I have already been doing some fun experimenting in the kitchen. You may remember my earlier gluten free pinwheel cookies I made -they were such a hit! Well, last night at about midnight I was hit with an awesome idea! Why not roll out some Gluten Free Pastry Dough from Pillsbury, and create some Gluten Free Cinnamon and Sugar Valentine’s Day Pie Crust Cookies?? These heart shaped cookies were sure to be a hit!

Since it has been about a year that my little one was diagnosed with a gluten intolerance, I have been scoping out, and building my personal recipe collection. Since I love to blog, having this site serve as an interactive recipe book has really helped me to grow in my gluten free cooking. I love Pillsbury’s Gluten Free Cookie & Pastry/Pie Dough because it saves me much needed time in the kitchen, and it tastes great!

cinnamon-and-sugar-gluten-free-pie-crust-heartsGluten Free Cinnamon and Sugar Valentine’s Day Pie Crust Cookies ( Heart Shaped Gluten Free Cookies)


Pre-heat your oven to 350 degrees.

Line two baking sheets with parchment paper; set aside

Cut out two additional pieces of parchment paper to use for rolling out your dough. Trust me, this will save you time, and headaches if you use this or wax paper!

Roll out your dough to about 1/2 inch thick and cut out heart shapes using your cookie cutter. You will need to repeat the process about 4-5 times. The amount of cookies you make will be dependent on which size cookie cutter you use.

Place dough cookies 1 inch apart on a parchment lined baking sheet-these cookies do not rise so no worries there!

Brush cookies with melted butter, and sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar.

Bake for 10-12 minutes (mine took 12 -they will form a light golden brown bottom, and edge

Allow to cool for 20 minutes before eating or they may break.

Heart-Shaped-pie-crust-cookiesMy family actually ate all these Gluten Free Cinnamon and Sugar Valentine’s Day Pie Crust Cookies in one day. They are so good that you will have a hard time keeping them around.


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  1. Those cookies look delicious I love how easy they are to make, I might try them this weekend!

  2. awesome, thank you! we have a gluten free family get together saturdtay. thse are perfect

  3. I keep looking for this at my grocery store but I cannot find it. Hope to soon because these look so good!

  4. These Valentine’s Cookies are so cute! I bet they are very yummy too – I am going to have to try them since I love cinnamon.

  5. those look yummy and fun to make. Enjoy the New year and having fun baking with your children.

  6. I didn’t know Pillsbury made gluten free dough, that’s good to know. They do look quite delicious.

  7. Those sound great! I will have to try them!

  8. I just learned about the Pillsbury gluten free products this week. I can’t wait to try them, and Valentine cookies is just as good of a reason as any!

  9. Oh my goodness, Valentines already? I am so not ready… But love this recipe. Would be perfect for little mans school since everything has to be gluten free… Thank you so much

  10. My little one has a gluten intolerance too! I recently saw this gluten free dough in the grocery store. I was wondering what I could use it for – and viola – here is your timely post. I will definitely be making these cookies for my sons class and for him.

  11. This looks like a scrumptious snack and perfect for Valentine’s Day!

  12. my sister has bought these for my neice, they ended up being very tasty

  13. YUM! Those look so delicious!

  14. They look like modern art! Love it

  15. Bethany Delk says:

    These look amazing! I am wanting to make some more gluten free goodies for my family so i’ll have to try these.

  16. These look yummy! They wouldn’t last long at our house either!

  17. Mmm – pie crust in a cookie! Would I be remiss if I dipped it into pie filling?! The best two parts of a pie!

  18. those are so cute, love that they are gluten free! Never thought of using pie crust before as cookies, nice and flaky!

  19. These are awesome. What a great idea for a gluten free person.

  20. I bet these cookies have a great crunch to them! I love the heart shape and I am sure your little one appreciates the fact that your found the perfect cookies !

  21. Yum these look amazing! I love that cookie cutter too!

  22. Gluten-free is getting better and better. Those look scrumptious!

  23. I love how simple and delicious this is!

  24. I:m beginning to cook GF cookies and brownies and my family can’t tell it apart. This recipe is neat. I’ll have to try it.

  25. Those look so yummy! I am thrilled for my friends and family members with gluten issues that there are so many companies coming out with yummy products like this!

  26. Amethyst Moon says:

    I’m definitely gonna use this recipe. But, I’m gonna put it off for awhile; I’m not ready to think about any more baking! :)

  27. Your cookie are cute. Heart shaped cookies will be appreciated by loved one all year long.

  28. i’m going to have to make these!

  29. Prototype Mama says:

    Yum these look so good! I love making cookies during the holidays

  30. I am the worst at making cookies but I think even I could do this recipe lol Thanks for the recipe. This will be good to have at a couples Valentines event….

  31. Yolanda @ Seeing It Their Way says:

    These seem super easy to make and perfect for Valentines Day! I’m not the baker of our family, but even I can do these! LOL

  32. Oh my goodness! Those look delicious – and adorable! I love the heart shape :)

  33. How cute! I have a couple of cousins that eat Gluten Free, so it would be nice to make these for them for Valentine’s Day!

  34. I’m not a fan of gluten-free baked goods, but this look pretty yummy!

  35. Anjanette @MommaYoung says:

    What a great recipe. I have some friends that will enjoy that these cookies are gluten free.

  36. These look delicious! I can’t wait to make them myself!

  37. Those look really good, and they’d be cute to make for Valentine’s Day. I’ll have to give ‘em a try.


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