Tommee Tippee Explora Line Makes Toddler Feedings a Breeze! #Review

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Tommee Tippee Explora Line Makes Toddler Feedings a Breeze! #Review

Explora-easiflow-straw-cup Forget terrible twos! How about the terrible ones?! I really haven’t figured out if it is a boy thing, or what, but my 18 month old son is such a little terror! This kid climbs, breaks, and cries his way through each day! I might sound a bit dramatic but my last little baby boy is such a stinker! At least his meal times are now a little easier, and quite entertaining thanks to the Explora line of Tommee Tippee toddler feeding must-haves.

Over the past 7 years, I have had the pleasure of raising three healthy babies, and trying dozens of different baby feeding gear companies. After my latest review, I think I can honestly say that Tommee Tippee makes some of the best  feeding products for babies and toddlers. My only regret is that I didn’t try them sooner. I think the slightly higher than average prices deterred the younger me, but the older and wiser me now realizes that you get what you pay for! Investing a few more dollars on high quality baby essentials from Tommee Tippee would have been totally worth it!

Check out the Explora products we received:

Truly Spill Proof Straw Cups: These cups are so amazing that I’m not sure where to start? First off, I love the bold blue, and lime green colors these cups are available in! Especially made for 12 months+, these cups are even insulated! That means when you fill your child’s cup with warm or cold milk, it actually stays true to temperature! Most importantly, unlike other cups, these Tommee Tippee cups are guaranteed easy to drink & hold from. The best part? They are also  truly non more milk, and juice stains!

My son seems to love the Truly Spill Proof Straw Cups! He has a great handle on them, and sort of loves the straws. Unfortunately, I do catch him trying to chew the straws, and frequently have to remind him not to. Other than that small annoyance, this product is easy to clean and highly recommended!

Explora-section-platesSection Plates: 

This product contained two 3 sectioned plates that are BPA free, and microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe! This product encourages independent feeding, and allows babies to keep three foods separate. I love the concept of this sturdy plate, but my 18 month old seems to be confusing this product with a frisbee, and off it goes!

Explora-heat-sensing-spoonsHeat Sensing Spoons: 

Have you ever seen or heard of toddler spoons that actually turn color when dipped in foods that are too hot? Well, you must check out Tommee Tippee’s Heat Sensing Spoons! For ages 4 months+ these long handled spoons are extremely helpful! Sometimes we tend to over heat our children’s food, and do not realize just how warm soups, purees, and pastas are. These spoons actually change color, and go from red to yellow if food is too hot! This prevents your baby from getting burns in their precious little mouths. Each pack comes with three spoons, and are a must have for all moms! Safe for sterilizers, and dishwashers; BPA free.

Overall, I give the Explora line of baby and toddler feeding essentials 5 stars. These products are well made, easy to wash, and made especially for little fingers, and mouths.

You can find the Explora line of feeding products at national retailers like Target, Babies R Us, and more!

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  1. wow those cups are nice looking!! i had this thing about characters on every.little.thing. i still do. these are fun cups without being branded- love it. and we have always liked tommee tippee

  2. That is a great product. Love the cup!

  3. We have been using some Tommee Tippee products and I really like them. Those section plates would be great for my daughter.

  4. These look like great products! My son always made such a mess at meal time.

  5. Those are super cool cups. I have only heard really good things about Tommee Tippee.

  6. Danette Lykins says:

    Those are great- wish they had these when my kids where little!

  7. What a great product line! I love the spoons and bowls! And I love the cool designs on the bottles!

  8. Oh my goodness, these are awesome. I wish we had those when our little ones were small… I am definitely going to check these out for my sister’s baby

  9. These look great! My daughter is 22 months old and could really use those drinking cups and plates!

  10. I used this line of products when my boys were little . Great products!

  11. I think that these products are designed really well to make feeding better and easier. I really like the compartmental plate with easy scoop angles! for little eaters using their hands and trying new foods!

  12. Tommee Tippee has some really great toddler feeding products. I remember I love my heat sensing spoons when my kids were little. And every mom of a toddler can use a spill proof straw. Great tips.

  13. These are wonderful. Do they make them for girls? My granddaughter won’t eat a thing (unless it’s French Fries) and she keeps losing her slippy cups. We need some help! Thanks!

  14. I love the Tommee Tippee bottles, they work great for my breastfed daughter. Happy to know they have the next step covered too!

  15. very nice selection, I should look into these cups for my baby she hates bottles. This brand is nice!

  16. We used those spoons with our toddler and they were awesome.

  17. I always hear the best reviews about Tommee Tippee. I’ve never tried their products, but I think I should now that my 10mo is ready!

  18. I like that temperature sensitivity. I had no idea they had anything outside of sippy cups. Shows how out of touch I am!

  19. I had some heat sensing utensils when my son was little. They are a life saver.

  20. Amanda Love ~ Growing Up Madison says:

    I love the explora line..I tried it with my toddler and I really loved the spoon that lets you know if it’s too hot.

  21. What great products. We need to get some sippy cups, so I’ll check out the Tommee Tippee when I am next out shopping. Thanks.

  22. These products really were designed with kids in mind. I will have to rememeber them for friends who have babies.

  23. My youngest two just figured out straws so I’ve been looking to get some straw cups so great timing to read your post!

  24. Excellent! I didn’t know these product were out and I love Tommee Tippee, thanks!

  25. We are past that stage of life now but what a perfect gift that would make for any expecting mother.
    I thought Tommee Tippee make those cute little covers for changing little boys… **hee hee**

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