Skip the Nasty Chemicals and Germs with BabyGanics Hand Sanitizer #Review #AD

Skip the Nasty Chemicals and Germs with BabyGanics Hand Sanitizer #Review #AD

BabyGanics-Germinator Don’t you just hate it when your child is out in public and they touch something they are not suppose to? My kids are professionals at getting their clean hands, and outfits super messy in just about any situation! Sadly, I am not one of them moms who totes around “everything but the kitchen sink” in my son’s very small diaper bag. Getting to some clean running water is not always and option, and I am not a fan of traditional chemical filled hand sanitizer…but there is a great option I am now aware of!

As you may have guessed from the title of this post, I have recently received some great hand sanitizing products from my friends over at BabyGanics. I swear by their all purpose cleaning spray ( I buy it at Babies R Us) and now I have some new items to brag to you all about. Their safe, healthy, and environmentally friendly household, and baby/toddler products are always welcomed in my household!

For this review, I was sent a large variety of BabyGanics Hand Sanitizing products known as “The Germinator” line, in a variety of forms. From a mom’s perspective, I can appreciate that BabyGanics has a variety of options for messy hands. Some messes really do need a sturdy wipe, and others a pump of sanitizer; some need soap!!  I love the variety they have to offer, and the fact that they actually sell refills for their products.

germinator-wipesSimilar to their cleaning products, The Germinator Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizing Wipes, Foaming Hand Soap, and Foaming Sanitizer can be purchased in fresh citrusy Tangerine, or non-scented. I LOVE the fruit scent, and feel as if it is the perfect blend of scent–not over bearing in the slightest! The natural,  moisturizing formulations are just what I seek in products that I use on my little ones. I hate chemicals, and synthetic skin care products, so I tend to stick with non-toxic stuff for them!

BabyGanics-Foaming-Hand-SoapSome of my personal favorite features of The Germinator line of BabyGanics are the following:

  • Non-toxic, plant based formula
  • Cleans, and moisturizers without leaving skin parched
  • NOT sticky or goopy like alcohol based formulas
  • Fresh Tangerine citrus scent, and non-scented
  • Available in wipes, travel size, refills, standard 8.45 ounce pumps, hand soap
  • Perfect for germy winters..ahemm

As you can see, there are many reasons why I can suggest that you check out BabyGanics “The Germinator” products. You really need to just try them out for yourselves to see how awesome they really are! You can find BabyGanics products at Babies R Us, Target, CVS, and more! Be sure to like them on Facebook & Twitter for all the latest updates!


  1. Tori says

    Interesting! These sound like they might actually be helpful if you don’t have access to a sink and soap. I may just have to check this out!

  2. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    I haven’t heard of this brand, but it sounds like a product I would really like to use. Thanks so much. I am going to pick some up!

  3. Susanna Barbee (Zealous Mom) says

    I kind of forgot about this brand. Thank you for reminding me. I love products that are made with natural ingredients. I’ll have to get some to carry in my diaper bag or purse.

  4. Jaime says

    Their products look amazing (and the few things I’ve tried have been fantastic.) I’m all about having some hand sanitizer for my son and I – especially after he’s been playing in a public area. This winter has been SO tough on our immune systems!

  5. says

    My 3 year old is notorious for touching EVERYTHING – usually seconds after I tell him not to. I know that is probably what provokes him to reach out and grab whatever it is, but it’s my instinct to try to prevent it. We keep wipes and sanitizer on hand for those curious moments.

  6. Chelsea says

    I am constantly hand sanitizing on public transport. These sound great for me as my skin is super sensitive and gets so dry from all the chemicals.

  7. Eliz@positivekismet says

    It looks like a terrific product to use even on little ones… I love all the natural products coming on the market,.

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