Life Moments Shopping Planner for New Moms-Loaded with Coupon Savings!

Life Moments Shopping Planner for New Moms-Loaded with Coupon Savings!

life-moments-shopping-plannerDid you know that moms spend, on average an additional $10,400 in the first years of their child’s life on baby essentials, and more? I know when I had my first child, my world was rocked in the finances department! Diapers, formula, clothing, and child care were all huge expenses that can be rather shocking for first time moms. I really wish I had utilized coupons, and savings then! Gosh, it was only with my third child that I finally smartened up and started to save some real dough!

Gerber-Graduates-CouponsThere are so many useful savings tools out there such as the Life Moments Shopping Planner for New Moms. This savings book and shopping planner are loaded with baby brands that I trust and use. From Gerber, to Lasinoh; there are a great amount of savings in this tiny book! When you are a new mom, trying out different brands that work for you and your baby is what it important! Having the option to0 save big is such a true blessing!

We received a Life Moments Shopping Planner to use, and review, and I am happy that I was able to save $3 on Gerber foods, and snacks for my toddler. You can get this FREE planner that promises hundreds of savings for mom too! Simply fill out your mailing address in the widget below! These coupon books are mailed out every quarter with the next slated to arrive in April–so don’t delay!


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