Light in the Box: Inexpensive Wedding Dresses, Decor, & More! #LightintheBoxWedding

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Light in the Box: Inexpensive Wedding Dresses, Decor, & More! #LightintheBoxWedding #Ad

“This is a Fashionista Event and a promotional item was provided to me by Hosts for this event are Still Blonde after all these Years¬†and ModlyChic.”

lightintheboxweddingWe all know that many people invest scrupulous amounts of money into their weddings. Between venues, food, cakes, decor, entertainment, and attire; it can very well cost as much as a down payment for a nice home. However, weddings can be done very nicely on the cheap, but look extravagant.Thanks to online retailers like Light in the Box, a wedding can look classy without costing a small fortune.

Image Credit: TLC

Image Credit: TLC

Take Anna Shannon from TLC’s Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, who recently wedded her fiance Michael Cardwell back in May. Her special wedding day was recently aired on TLC this past Thursday August 14,th for all to see. I have to admit, Anna’s day was really beautiful, but in true Mama June fashion, they all were experts at saving a buck or two! I still cannot believe that Anna’s gorgeous dress was only $212.00 from Light in the Box!!! It looked like it should have cost thousands!!

You can view Anna Shannon’s Wedding Clip on TLC


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I can’t say I blame Anna for shopping Light in the Box for her wedding dress! In true fashionista fashion, I just had to hurry on over to Light in the Box to check out their wedding dresses! I mean really, want girl doesn’t enjoy browsing gorgeous wedding dresses even if she is already married?

The first thing that really caught my attention about Light in the Box was that they offer FREE Lifetime Alterations on ALL Wedding Dresses!! What other company offers that amazing perk to their customers?? Plus, all their thousands of wedding dresses are discounted up to a whopping 80%!! Hundreds of wedding accessories like veils are priced at up to 90% of retail! That right there had me sold!! No wonder Anna wanted to get her wedding dress at Light in the Box!

Just because Light in the Box has hundreds of deeply discounted wedding dresses doesn’t mean that they are not modern either! Their 2014 collection of bridal gown, bridesmaid dresses, and even flower girl dresses are all beautiful, and available for equally amazing prices!


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Look how adorable this flower girl dress is! At only $79.99 is is ideal for any beautiful little girl!


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I am not even kidding when I say you could get pretty much every you need for a wedding at Light in the Box!! They even have groomsmen attire, tuxedos, accessories, and even wedding decor, and favors! Seriously, how cute is this Personalized Wood Cake Topper? At only $19.99 it is a total steal, and would make for a very elegant touch to any style wedding cake!

I totally suggest you view all the wedding items from Light in The Box today! Even if you are not getting married they have tons of dresses, costumes, housewares and more at deeply discounted prices!

You can even save more with these Light in The Box Coupons!

$12 off $100 with code HoneyBoo12

$24 off $200 with code HoneyBoo24

Both expire 9/5th, so be sure to get shopping!

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  1. I think spending more than a few hundred dollars on a dress you;re only going to wear once is silly.

    • I so agree! I found a dress similar to the one I wanted at a garage sale for $50. I had it cleaned. It beautiful and stunning. We had theft and our wedding money was stolen so we married at the courthouse. I still have the dress for when we decide to do a vow renewal. I didn’t grow up planning a wedding because honestly I thought my career should come first and never really cared about a big foofy wedding.

  2. The flower girl’s dress you shared is simply gorgeous!! And yeah, weddings are a beginning of a lifetime with the one you love!! I still see no need to spend hundreds if not thousands on a dress you will only wear ONCE!

  3. I didn’t spend much on my wedding dress, it cost me $20. I’m all for saving money on weddings. I love what I’m seeing here, so pretty, and affordable.

  4. Wedding dresses are such a huge expense for something you wear. This sounds like a great option.

  5. I think it is great to have options like this, to still get a gorgeous gown and not break the bank. Wedding can be pretty pricey so it is good to save money wherever you can!

  6. Those are some great savings! As an accountant I often wonder what people are thinking when they spend sooo much money on a wedding. I keep thinking about all the compound interest they could have got over the life of the marriage and/or the down payment on a house that the money could have gone to, but that is just me, way too practical I guess!

  7. Those dresses are beautiful. It sounds like Light in the Box is a great place for anyone wanting to save on wedding expenses.

  8. Looks like a great place for future brides to check out. They have some pretty dresses on there.

  9. Jenna Wood says:

    I really like the first grouping, floral accents really are in, and simplistic elegance is definitely making a wedding comeback. Light In The Box has some amazing wedding accessory deals!

  10. Where was this when I had my wedding. Weddings are not cheap and every penny saved counts.

  11. What fun and frugal buys! I have a few friends getting married will have to share the site with them.

  12. dang, those are awesome prices in comparison to other wedding locations! I just love the style too! they are gorgeous!

  13. What a great service! This would have come in handy when I was wedding planning. (Though, I did totally score my wedding dress for $75.)

  14. This sounds like a dream come true for someone on a wedding budget. Weddings are one of the most expensive life milestones and I cannot even fathom how some people drop thousands of dollars on a dress much less a cake that is going to be consumed in 10-15 minutes. You can’t beat the prices and the quality is still there!

  15. There are such lovely dresses. The pictures here are just beautiful for helping to showcase them!

  16. I didn’t have a wedding dress but if I were in the market, I would totally buy from them. They have beautiful dresses and you can’t beat those prices at all. This is a great way to save some money during the wedding planning.

  17. What an awesome wedding ensemble and I can’t believe it’s less than $350! What a steal for something that looks like it would cost thousands!

  18. I wish I could plan for and shop for a wedding. The deals here would make me so proud of staying within a budget. Light in the box has such nice accessories too.

  19. Yay for helping brides stay on budget. This and Pinterest makes me want to get married again!

  20. This is such a great idea. I wouldn’t spend a fortune on a wedding dress.

  21. I’ve never heard of this. I love how Mama June keeps herself and her family on track even with their sucess.

  22. Gorgeous dresses! I can’t believe how affordable they are! No need to spend money where you don’t have to!

  23. wow that is so affordable and not breaking the bank! The gown is beautiful!

  24. These are really gorgeous dresses. I love how inexpensive they are, too!

  25. Ben - Gentlebim says:

    I love how affordable these dresses are. I’ve never understood why wedding dresses have to be so darn expensive. You wear them for one day!

  26. I love these dresses. They’re really beautiful and super affordable. Love it.

  27. I love this! These dresses look so much more expensive than they are. Just goes to show you don’t have to break the bank to look beautiful.

    • Regular wedding dresses can get so expensive! It’s nice to know there is another option that is still beautiful.

  28. Weddings are sooooooo expensive. This seems like such an easy way to save while still looking beautiful.

  29. Weddings can be so expensive. It’s awesome this quality is still great for a nice price!

  30. Wow! Wish I had known about this site (if it was around) when I was getting married. I had my dress custom made because I couldn’t find what I liked in my price range and she was willing to barter some photography to knock the price down. Sadly… it didn’t turn out the way I had wanted.

  31. How beautiful! I love seeing modern wedding dresses. I pulled mine out the other day and was still in love.

  32. My sister JUST got married, but she really could have used this site!

  33. A family friend ordered her wedding dress from Lightinthebox and it was beautiful. I couldn’t believe how great it looked!

  34. Wow those are gorgeous dresses, I can’t believe how awesome the price is too!

  35. They have some really stunning dresses!

  36. What amazing deals! I really can’t believe the price on the flower girl dress. It’s so beautiful!

  37. That first wedding dress is stunning! Saving money on wedding dresses is always a need, weddings are so expensive!

  38. What a gorgeous dress, and only $200?! That’s amazing. I never even had a wedding dress because I figured they would all be out of my price range. Now I’m sad to realize I could have gotten the dress of my dreams if I dug a little harder.

  39. It’s so great that there’s so many affordable options for brides nowadays. It sure makes things a lot less stressful!

  40. What an awesome service! No need to spend thousands on a dress you will wear once. I love this idea!

  41. Ok, I’ve heard of Light in the Box but I didn’t know there were so many steals and deals. I’m definitely going to check out that site ASAP!

  42. I love the wedding dress photo. I will have to keep this site in mind if I ever get married.

  43. Are you serious??? Where was this when I was getting married? I spent way too much compared to this. Will totally be looking into this for my sisters wedding

  44. What great deals! Weddings can get so expensive.

  45. My first dress (which I couldn’t wear, long story) cost like $60. the second dress that I wore cost about $300, only because we were at their mercy since it was the only one in town. (again, a long story.)

  46. I can’t believe that dress was just $212! What a bargain. It looks like a great website!

  47. What great dresses.I love the cost of these dresses too!

  48. Wish I would have known about this when I got married! I would have saved some money! :)

  49. Ann Bacciaglia says:

    The flower girl dress is gorgeous!! I can not believe the price. Fantastic!

  50. She looked gorgeous and that was an AMAZING price on the dress. You’re right that it looked FAR more expensive than that!

  51. Those dresses make me want to get married all over again. She looked gorge!

  52. I have only recently heard about Light in the Box and now I realized that they carry so much more than wedding gowns. More and more people are becoming budget conscious out of necessity and it’s comforting to know you can still afford the beautiful things. too.

  53. This is a great idea! Who wants to spend so much on something you’re only going to wear one day?!

  54. Beautiful gowns and dresses. There is no need to spend so much on weddings – they are over in a flash! I’m glad there is something like Light in the Box!

  55. This is super cool. Never heard of it before.

  56. I love an amazing wedding look on a budget! Beautiful dresses!

  57. They do have an impressive selection of dresses and other things for weddings. I don’t believe in spending much money on a dress. I bought mine for $20. No joke.

  58. I didn’t see the wedding, but I’m amazed they were able to make Anna’s wedding classy! I don’t like the idea of spending thousands on a wedding dress either. Mine was only about $200 and I LOVED it!

  59. Just like the name implies, cheap is awesome. I don’t see why anyone would pay as much for a BMW as they would for a dress. I think it’s because we’ve been conditioned to think that it has to be that way.

  60. Beautiful. Makes me want to get married again. lol

  61. Gorgeous pictures!! love the dresses and being a frugalista, love the cost. I couldnt’ get the video to work

  62. Wow! $200 on a dress? My dress was $1,400. I thought it was a bargain compared to some of the stores we went to but I obviously should have shopped around more.

  63. These are amazing savings! I spent $2000 on my dress!

  64. Wow! How amazing. We actually got married in my MIL’s living room, no fancy dress for me so this is something I’m looking forward to planning, for our 10th anniversary, having a “wedding” renewal… this would be so helpful, that one dress is stunning!

  65. They have such beautiful dresses and look at her, all grown up and married!

  66. I’m getting married in February and have my dress. But this is definitely a great site for anyone looking for their wedding dresses.

  67. I am in shock at those prices! I’ve never heard of this site but the dresses are gorgeous!

  68. I wish I had known about this when I got married. How convenient and affordable!

  69. That dress is just beautiful!! What a wonderful site!

  70. What gorgeous dresses. I wish this were around when I got married.

  71. What a great site. I wish that this website had been around when I got married. I could have totally used a deal on all of my wedding items.

  72. This looks amazing! I can’t believe how affordable that is!

  73. This makes me want to get married again!!! Okay, maybe not the whole thing… but another dress :)

  74. I love how pretty the dresses are AND AFFORDABLE!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t get over how inexpensive they are and look stunning… I will have to share this post with my SIL she is getting married soon and saving money but still look beautiful is perfect for her. Thanks for sharing

  75. Those are some beautiful dresses. When I got married I didn’t have a fancy dress. If I ever renew my vows I am going to get a pretty white dress.

  76. That’s such a beautiful dress! What a great price.

  77. Goodness I have never heard of wedding dresses so inexpensive! Thanks for this information and the discount code. I’m passing it on!

  78. Beautiful! Wish I had known about these around my wedding. I could have saved tons!

  79. just shared this with a friend of mine who is wedding dress shopping. Thanks for the heads up!

  80. Oh how beautiful. Love all these links.

  81. What a beautiful dress! That is simply gorgeous!

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