Save Energy and Money with the Stylish LivingPlug Outlet

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Save Energy and Money with the Stylish LivingPlug Outlet

Living-Plug-outletThe cost of electricity has gradually risen in my neck of the woods over the past decade. In fact, we recently were informed that our rates would be increasing by up to 40% starting in November! Needless to say, reducing our electricity consumption is high on our priority list. Without spending thousands of dollars on the newest most energy efficient appliances, our strategy is to make small improvements. In the long run, lots of small improvements will eventually add up to savings, and my wallet wont be broken. In my new quest to save energy, one of the cool new products I’ll be employing is LivingPlug.

LivingPlug-inletLivingPlug took the initiative to redesign the electrical wall outlet. What they ended up with was more than just a new stylish take on an old essential household item. LivingPlug takes your old electrical outlet, and turns it into a safer, energy saving, and stylish smart outlet. The LivingPlug simply plugs into your existing outlet. It can be secured to the outlet by using the existing screw hole that fastens the current face-plate to the outlet, or you can just simply plug it in. LivingPlug has 3 receptacles, plus a 2.1A High Capacity USB input to charge a huge number of smart devices that use USB charging ports.

LivingPlug-Wall-OutletHonestly, this was the feature that fueled my desire to own a LivingPlug. There’s a particular outlet in my living room that my wife and I fight over. I charge my iPhone and iPad from this outlet, plus my wife uses it for her laptop (the laptop’s battery is shot). I’m constantly needing to unplug my device cord to make room for her laptop. Now that we have LivingPlug, everything can stay plugged in at the same time.

Another great feature of LivingPlug is its ability to “unplug” devices when not in use, without actually needing to unplug them. LivingPlug has an “unplug” button that kills the power to all devices plugged into it. This eliminates “vampire charges”, which are basically energy leaches – draining unnecessary electricity from the grid simply because an electrical device is plugged in. According to EnergyStar, the average household spends $100 per year to power devices that are off. This is an eyeopening statistic if I’ve ever seen one, and i’m taking the initiative to prevent this in my home with LivingPlug.

Safety is another key feature that the LivingPlug added to my home. We have 3 children under 8 yrs old. Our especially rambunctious and exploratory 2 year old son, likes to try everything at least once. Our current at-reach outlets have child protection covers inside the receptacles, but it’s easy to forget to plug the protective cover back in after using the receptacle. LivingPlug has tamper-resistant receptacles built in to the unit. In fact, the receptacles aren’t even visible with the faceplate on the unit. This not only protects the receptacles from tamper, but it places them “out of site – out of mind” for kids.

Happy-halloween-plug-coverLast but not least are the endless styling options for LivingPlug. Faceplates slip on and off with ease, and are fully interchangeable. We received a Halloween themed pumpkin faceplate that has been adding a spooky touch to our living area. The LivingPlug faceplate options are seemingly endless! They have covers for every occasion, style, and you can even customize your own! We are going to be having a blast changing up our outlet!

Overall, this product is a five star item that will save you energy and in turn money! Connect with LivingPlug on social media sites Facebook and Twitter.

Save Time and Money on Sunday Newspapers and Coupons with the Shopular App!

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Save Time and Money on Sunday Newspapers and Coupons with the Shopular App!

“This post is written on behalf of the folks at Shopular. All views expressed are that of my own, and this really is my favorite shopping app.” 

shopular-logoDo you ever feel like you buy the Sunday newspaper just for your local flyers or store coupons? I know I fall into the category of people who will stop at a gas station or market just to pick up a sunday paper. I like looking through the flyers, and collecting those super popular 40-50% off coupons for stores like Michael’s, and AC Moore. The only problem is, half the time my consistently shrinking paper is missing certain flyers, or even coupons!


To personalize your Shopular experience, select which stores you want to see deals from.

I was getting more annoyed by the week, but now I don’t have to be! About two weeks ago I discovered the Shopular App which has saved me money and time! Now, I don’t have to worry about hunting down my weekly store flyers from Macy’s or Sears. Thanks to Shopular, I can get access to ALL my weekly flyers from MY favorite retailers in one click! Plus, I do not have to worry about missing coupons from Michael’s Arts and Crafts because if they put out a coupon, I can easy save it on Shopular to use when I shop!

A Little about Shopular:

Shopular is a five star rated phone app that boasts over 25,00 perfect reviews (mine bei9ng one of them). Over 4 million people are using this app daily to save their hard earned money. unlike many other “shopping apps” Shopular allows you to select ONLY the stores you want to see. It really is like your personalized deal concierge–all in one click!


Shopular will then customize which deals show up in your feed.

Using Shopular couldn’t be much more easier. After downloading it FREE from the App Store, setting up your preferences is easy peasy! Simply scroll through the provided extensive store list to favorite the stores you want to see flyers, deals, and coupons from. A few of my preferences were Target, Macy’s, and Sears. Once you have compiled your store list you can check out the weekly flyers, and see which stores have current deals. It gathers all the special promos in one easy to find place so that you NEVER get stuck without a coupon or deal again!


Stores like CVS and Best Buy were the main reasons I even bought a Sunday paper!

I cannot tell you how many times I would head over to Michael’s to buy arts and crafts supplies for projects. I’d have a ton of stuff, and spend quite the pretty penny. Then, I’d get home and realize that I had a 40% off coupon for one regularly priced item siting in my coupon pile that was also mobile friendly. I am usually way to frustrated to go home and get it and return to the store so I miss out. Now, it doesn’t have to be that way because my phone is always with us, and I now have Shopular!


So excited that I am now “armed” with my coupons for Friday’s shopping trip!

Want to start saving money on wasted newspapers? Get all you weekly store flyers and then some thanks to the Shopular App! Plus, if you hop around from blog to blog to find the hottest sales, save time with that too because Shopular will have all sales in one click! *Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Check out this super cool Halloween contest from the folks at Shopular *starts October 27th*

Shopular-halloween-contestAre you making your own Halloween costume this year? Are you willing to share your creativity with Shopular via Instagram? Then  you must ENTER to win some awesome Gift Card prizes!  To enter, post a picture of your costume or you in your costume, tag Shopular, and put a special # (hashtag). Keep in mind that you must be following Shopular on Instagram. First prize is a $500 gift card, second prize a $250 gift card, and third prize a $100 gift card.

Best Buy: All the Hottest Cameras & Camcorders Including GoPro! #GoProatBestBuy

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Best Buy: All the Hottest Cameras & Camcorders Including GoPro! #GoProatBestBuy

“This post has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card. All views expressed are that of our own”

GoPro-HEROThe one thing my husband and I can both mutually agree on getting this year is a GoPro Hero Camera. Each year we  usually buy one gift that we can both enjoy together, so this camera is a no brainier. Ideally we would  loveto get  one of the upgraded GoPro Cameras like the GoPro HERO4 Silver or the GoPro HERO4 Black! Either three of them would look great with a nice big red bow under my Christmas tree!

Wondering where the best place to buy these cameras is? My immediate choice would be Best Buy! They are the first place I personally go to when it comes to any of my camera needs. I have purchased not only my DSLR camera bundle from them, but also an additional three lenses. I love their order online/pick up in-store service and the fact that they will price match a competitor. GoPro’s latest line allows you to capture all the joy and experiences that make life worth living.

GoPro-camera-picture2Best Buy is the ultimate home for all the latest  cameras, camcorders, and accessories from the GoPro line, and more! GoPro cameras make perfect holiday gifts for everyone from teens to adults! Go-Pro-Camera-PictureGoing to the park, zoo, or hitting the slopes would be amazing with one of these durable cameras!

Check out the three different GoPro options Best Buy has:

GoPro HERO4 Black: the most advanced GoPro ever, featuring improved image quality and a 2x more powerful processor with 2x faster video frame rates1, HERO4 Black takes award‐winning GoPro performance to a whole new level.

GoPro-Hero-4GoPro HERO4 Silver: the first-ever GoPro to feature a built-in touch display. Controlling The camera, playing back footage and adjusting settings is ultra-convenient—just view, tap and swipe the screen. With 1080p60 and 720p120 video, and 12MP photos at a staggering 30 frames per second, HERO4 Silver combines powerful, pro-quality capture with the convenience of a touch display.

GoPro HERO: Featuring high‐quality 1080p30 and 720p60 video, and 5MP photos up to 5 fps, HERO captures the same immersive footage that’s made GoPro one of the best-selling cameras in the world. 12x more powerful processor with 2x faster video frame rates.

GoPro-Hero-4-silverEver wanted to record your experience on a hot air balloon rider, or flying down a roller coaster? If so, a GoPro camera is a must for you! GoPro-Camera-RollercoasterI would love one so much because I would be able to take better You Tube videos, and maybe even start a cooking channel like I have always wanted to do!

I totally suggest you head to Best Buy so you can try out this camera first hand and see how a GoPro is perfect for your lifestyle!

Gift Idea: Smarter Label Home and Office Printing with the Epson LW-600P

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Gift Idea: Smarter Label Home and Office Printing with the Epson LW-600P

epson-label-maker-lw-600pThe Epson LW-600P takes label printing to a whole new level. I’ve been a user of a few different label printers. In fact, at work I use one quite often to create labels for various documents I work on. Most label makers are simple machines, with not-so-simple controls. You routinely need to go through different menus or push multiple buttons at the same time, just to type a hyphen or similar symbol! The Epson LW-600P links to your IOS or Android smartphone, tablet, PC or MAC via Bluetooth.

Epson-Label-MakerWhat really sets the Epson LW-600P apart from the competition is the Epson iLabel App. With Epson iLabel, you have a ton of great label printing and customization options. Below is a list of the features/customizations Epson iLabel enables you to print:

  • Text labels with over 100 label design templates and over 400 symbols available
  • Barcode printing (8 types of supported barcodes)
  • QR Code printing
  • Handwritten or drawn labels that you create with the touch interface of your device
  • Photos from your camera-roll (2 tone photos)
  • Text from voice recognition on your smart device

Epson-LW-600pIn addition to these great printing features, Epson iLabel can store up to 100 saved labels for you to access at a later date for reprinting. The Epson LW-600P combined with Epson iLabel makes me want to go around the house printing labels for everything!

The Epson LW-600P accepts a large variety of different label tapes ranging from 1/4″ to 1″ wide. Epson sells different types of tapes to meet different needs as well. You can purchase Standard, Clear, Metallic, Iron-on, Reflective, Glow-in-the-Dark, Strong Adhesive, Fluorescent, Ribbon, and Cable Wrap tapes. All of which are compatible with the Epson LW-600P!

Epson-LabelmakerA couple of my favorite features that make the Epson LW-600P great for productivity is the automatic cutter and the fact that it’s battery operated for portability. The cutter automatically cuts labels as you print, so you can print a string of labels from your device without needing to separate the labels with scissors later. Plus, the Epson LW-600P is relatively quiet and prints at a more than sufficient speed for my needs.

Usability of the Epson LW-600P is very simple. Tape is easily accessed from a door on the side of the printer that simply swings open to reveal the tape. Plus, the tape is easily swapped out or replaced.

label-maker-by-epsonBelow is a run down of some key specs of the Epson LW-600P:

  • Maximum Resolution: 180 dpi
  • Maximum Tape Width: ~ 1″
  • Maximum Number of Printed Lines: 6
  • Batteries: 6 AA (not included)

Overall the Epson LW-600P is a super versatile, simple to use label printer. It’s a label printer that opens the door to an unlimited amount of customization and creativity. If you are currently using a label printer for organization, office work, or a hobby,  you need to check out the Epson LW-600P.

Available on Amazon for under $110 with FREE Prime Shipping!  

Save Your Hard Earned Money with the Walmart Straight Talk Wireless Plan!

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Straight Talk Wireless for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

 photo straight-talk-wireless_zps7082676b.png These days, everyone and their mom has a cell phone! Young children who are not even old enough to read, my not so technology savvy dad, and even the elderly. I think it is safe to say that these days, phones are a must! We all feel the need to be connected to our loved ones, emails, and social media accounts. I admit it, I am lost without my smartphone. Ok, so we all love and depend on our phones to stay connected, that’s not so bad. However, most people’s phone plans are totally bogus! I have this one friend who drops almost $150 on her cell phone plan, and umm..unless the buttons are dialing themselves, I think it is safe to say that she is getting ripped off! There is no way in heck I would spend that amount of money on my smartphone!  photo straight-talk-maps-png_zpse4613e20.png Infact, I don’t even want to spend more than $50 on my cell phone plan! That is why the Walmart Straight Talk Wireless is right up my alley. Before you wonder if I own a cheap phone that has like a gig of data, the answer is nope! Straight Talk customers get a whopping 3GB of data each month! You know these days that data is such a huge factor when it comes to phone plans! We all need to be able to watch those silly social media videos and let everyone know what we are doing all the time right? Well friends, don’t fret because 3GB of data is a pretty sweet deal! Check out what it equates to:

  • 105 hours of Pandora
  • 2,460 webpage views
  • 41,900 emails
  • 1,920 Flickr image uploads
  • 153 hours of Facebook browsing
  • 85 hours of Google Maps usage

Am I speaking your language now? Awesome! I knew you all wanted that 3GB of data broken down into terms we can relate too! Alright so now that you know about the fact that you get a ton of data each month, but I bet you are thinking the phones on the Straight Talk plan are probably prehistoric? Wrong!  photo iphones-on-straight-talk-plan_zps4164ffe6.pngStraight Talk Wireless customers have access to smartphones like the coveted iPhone on the same networks you are used to without the arm and a leg bills! For just $45 per month (you heard that right) you can be totally cool, up to date, and have 3GB of data, unlimited talk, and texts for just $45!!! Seriously, drop that pricy phone plan and head to Walmart folks! I have seen this plan in action, and wonder why more people don’t want to have extra money left over for shopping, or banking! We work way too hard these days folks for $100+ phone bills! So in conclusion, here is a recap on why you MUST at least check out the no contract Straight Talk Wireless phone plan:

  • $45 Unlimited Talk, Text & Data
  • Same phones, same networks, half the cost
  • The most high speed data of any $45 Unlimited plan
  • Nationwide coverage on America’s largest and most dependable Networks
  • Keep your phone, your number and your network with the Straight Talk Bring Your Own Phone program

Are you convinced yet that Straight Talk Wireless is a must?

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Keurig 2.0: The Best Keurig Coffee Machine on the Market! #HelloKeurig #Sponsored

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Keurig 2.0: The Best Keurig Coffee Machine on the Market! #HelloKeurig #Sponsored

keurig-2-0Ever since I got my first Keurig coffee machine almost 6 years ago, my love for good, quality coffee grew. There is nothing quite as delicious as a single serve cup of coffee from official K-Cup brands like Green Mountain. I love all their blends, and love that the my original Keurig coffee maker allowed me to brew just enough coffee for a good sized, quality cup. Sadly, a few months ago, my beloved original Keurig machine officially died after almost 6 years of use. It was a sad day, but I managed to survive.

About two weeks ago I received one of the best emails in a while that asked if I wanted to review the latest Keurig 2.0!! You bet I was super stoked because I had been in the air deciding on which model of Keurig coffee makers to get after my original machine died. I had heard the latest Keurig would be better than ever, and guess what? It really is!!!

Say Hello to the all new Keurig 2.0! 

Ok, so where to start on why the new Keurig 2.0 is a must in every kitchen?! I just love mine to pieces!! 

inside-keurig-2.0The Keurig 2.0 is roughly the same size as the original Keurig single serve machines, but much more sophisticated. It fits nicely onto our kitchen counter, and adds some elegance with it’s color touch display and modern design. I like the added options of the new Keurig 2.0 over the older machines. You can set it to automatically turn on in the morning so it’s already warmed up and ready to go. Plus, you can set it to automatically turn off – either at a set time of day, or after a set amount of minutes sitting idle.

how-the-new-keurig-worksThe operation of the machine is pretty much the same, but now there are more brewing options. The most notable new option is the K-Carafe. The Keurig 2.0 allows you to brew a full 30 oz carafe of coffee! Obviously this feature requires special cups with added capacity, which are called K-Carafe Packs. The process is roughly the same for brewing a carafe as it is for a cup, except you need to use the carafe that Keurig provides with the brewer. All you need to do is pop in a K-Carafe Pack into the machine, place the carafe under the brewer, select the carafe option on the touch display, and start brewing. This is the simplest and fastest way to brew a pot of coffee I’ve ever experienced! Any time I can shave off from my morning routine is warmly welcomed, and the K-Carafe does just that!

keurig-2-0-reviewsSome notable Keurig 2.0 features are:

  • 2.8″ color touch display with customizable backgrounds and clock.
  • Programmable controls like auto on/off and power save mode.
  • 10 different brew sizes ranging from 4 oz. to 30 oz.
  • 80 oz. water reservoir with an easy flip open top.
  • Hot Water On Demand

pumpkin-k-cupIf you are the type of person who like to buy “off brands” of k-cups, you will be sadly disappointed that the latest Keurig 2.0 will not accept them. Unlike older Keurig models, the latest Keurig will reject any “cups” that do not have the Keurig logo attached. So any store/competition, or refillable cups will not work with this machine. That is pretty much the only con when ti comes to this lovely coffee maker!

pumpkin-spice-green-mountain=====================> Looking to buy a Keurig 2.0? Why not buy your’s at Kohl’s!? They have an AWESOME sweepstakes for all customers who purchase their Keurig 2.0 from Kohls!  Grand prize winners of Kohl’s Win Free Coffee for a Year When You Say Hello to Keurig 2.0 Sweepstakes will receive 2 free boxes of K-Cup® or K-Carafe packs every month for a year!! All you have to do is complete the entry form on the official sweepstakes site, and upload a photo of your receipt, packing slip or web confirmation, showing your purchase of a Keurig 2.0 brewing system at a Kohl’s retail location or on for your chance to win. No purchase necessary (see details on site). Valid August 24-September 17th.